Hillary Rodham ClintonTonight, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is headed to Aspen for a swank fundraiser in one of the ritziest cities in America – and, it’s in our backyard. But this fundraiser isn’t all champagne wishes and caviar dreams, this event could further point out just how unfit Clinton is for office. Here’s why.

  1. She’s No Coal Miner’s Daughter: Clinton’s fundraiser is at Aspen Valley Ranch in Woody Creek, just outside of Aspen. That’s less than 70 miles away from North Fork Valley, which has struggled as the federal government has rained hellfire on the coal industry. Aspen is literally surrounded by a landscape dotted with shuttered mines and ghost towns. Clinton has repeatedly said that she is planning to put the coal industry out of business, just like her former boss President Barack Obama.¬†So, while Hillary and her socialite friends are swilling Veuve Clicquot in Aspen, remember that the folks down the road can barely afford the Banquet Beer.
  2. She’s No Mitt Romney: In 2012, Mitt Romney shattered fundraising records with his bipartisan fundraiser in Aspen. Romney held a broad appeal with people in Aspen because he was conservative in ideology, but moderate in temperament. Finance folks, some of whom have homes up there, like that sort of combination. Hillary, on the other hand, does not have the same across-the-aisle appeal or fabulous hair.
  3. She May Not Pick Up Her Tab: Last time we wrote about a Hillary trip to Aspen, she was skipping out on her security tab. Apparently, last time, Hillary and her entourage received a police escort to and from the airport to attend her Aspen fundraiser. The ordeal cost the Garfield and Pitkin Sheriffs’ offices hundreds of brain cells and approximately $2,700 each way. The Sheriffs¬†stood up to Clinton. No word on whether she’s paid her security bill from 2015 yet. Maybe the Sheriffs’ offices can just add it to her tab, if they dare.
  4. Aspen Is Ground Zero for Liberal Self-Immolation: Whether it’s the rarefied air or the feeling of being among kindred spirits, Aspen has ensnared liberal politician after liberal politician. From Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ doubling down on Obamacare to former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg saying that young minority males don’t have Second Amendment rights to any of John Hickenlooper’s visits to Department of the Interior Sally Jewell’s misguided snub of Craig, Aspen has been an Achilles’ Heel for many top Democrats.

But, hey, we hope it works out for Hillary? Just kidding. No, we don’t.