Over the weekend, the Colorado Democratic Party Oppo Paper Times Recorder reported (with outrage) that radio hosts Chuck Boniwell and Julie Hayden called Democratic Rep. Faith Winter “overweight” and “unpleasant.”

They should apologize.

No, not because they offered opinions of her. (We don’t know if she’s overweight or not as we have not weighed her and as for her demeanor, we’ll leave that up to you.) But because they’re intellectually lazy.

There are 53 things to ding Winter on besides her weight and demeanor. Here are just a few:

  1. She expects everyone, except for her, to take public transportation.
  2. There were rampant inconsistencies within her accusations against slimeball and former Democratic Rep. Steve Lebsock.
  3. She inexplicably keeps using the hashtag #WinterIsComing as if that’s some kind of positive?
  4. She’s one of radical environmentalist and perennial loser Tom Steyer’s favorite investments.
  5. She trolls public officials for trying to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

Chuck and Julie can apologize to Faith Winter if they want. It would be the nice thing to do. But, more importantly, they should apologize to their listeners for being so lazy.

This “dynamic duo” proves again that they’re out to lose the battle to lose the war.