ENDORSEMENTS: Colorado Women’s Alliance Lends Support to Jefferson and Arapahoe Co Candidates

The Colorado Women’s Alliance has evaluated the candidates and has offered its endorsement of the 2012 Colorado State Senate and House candidates in Colorado.  Debbie Brown, director of the Colorado Women’s Alliance had this to say about the endorsements:

“Our research confirms that women’s issues are much broader than you’d guess from watching over-the-top political ads designed to scare and distract.  Joblessness, home foreclosures, rising education bills and a stagnant economy all affect the lives of women in a very personal way. Legislators must enact policies that protect and respect a woman’s personal financial security and independence.”

The criteria for the endorsements was that the candidate had to commit to putting job creation first, to commit to reducing the burden of business regulation, and to be running in a targeted race. The endorsements focused on Jefferson and Arapahoe Counties, two of the most contested counties in Colorado in local and presidential elections.

Here are the Jeffco candidate endorsements:



BROW BEATEN: Small Businesses Shrug in CO and Nationwide

Earlier today, we posted on how weak Colorado’s so-called recovery has been.  Two new polls released in the past few days may help explain why.

Public Opinion Strategies conducted a survey of 800 small business owners and manufacturers, owners, or C-Level decision makers at companies with between two and 499 employees.  The survey was commissioned by the National Federation of Independent Businesses and the National Association of Manufacturers.  Here are the most important findings from the respondents:

  • 69% of small business owners and manufacturers say President Obama’s recent Executive Branch and regulatory policies have hurt them, compared to just 29% who think they’ve helped (we assume those businesses are in the green energy sector)
  • 55% say that given what they know now and in the current economic climate for business, they would not start a business today
  • 55% said that, compared to three years ago, the national economy is less favorable to the success of American small businesses owners; just 24% think the economy is more favorable
  • 66% said economic uncertainty makes it hard for them to grow and hire; they hold the Obama Administration or Congress responsible.
  • 58% rate government spending as a significant challenge facing facing small business owners and manufacturers
  • 49% rate federal, state, and local taxes  as a significant challenge facing facing small business owners and manufacturers
  • 55% say that given what they know now and in the current economic climate for business, they would not start a business today

Emphasizing these findings, Thumbtack.com also published a study of Colorado small businesses’ responses to the question: “What is the single most important issue in your choice for president?” The chart below shows that Colorado entrepreneurs, not surprisingly, rate jobs and the economy as top issues.  But, surprisingly, the Colorado respondents rated ethics/honesty/corruption in government as the next most important.  (Yeah, they’re talking to you, Adams County.)



EMPTY CHAIRS: If Joe Miklosi Can’t Attract Crowds, How Can He Attract Votes?

The campaign of Denver State Rep. and CD6 Congressional challenger Joe Miklosi has been a textbook example of how not to run for office. The latest reminder of that came today when he held an event to announce a firefighter union endorsement…and no one showed up.

Picture via Denver Post reporter Kurtis Lee’s Twitter feed:

This isn’t even the first time this type of no-show embarrassment has plagued Miklosi’s campaign.

Just last month, Revealing Politics showed up at a “free” Miklosi fundraiser to find a near-empty room.

If Joe Miklosi can’t attract people to his fundraisers and endorsement announcements, how does he ever expect to attract votes in what is supposed to be a competitive district?

Where are the Hells Angels when you need them?


PAUL RYAN TO COLORADO: VP Candidate to Visit Fort Collins and Colorado Springs on Wednesday

VP nominee Paul Ryan is swinging back through Colorado tomorrow, with rallies in Fort Collins and Colorado Springs. Ryan was last in Colorado a little less than three weeks ago, with a rally and fundraiser in Colorado Springs.

Details courtesy of a Romney campaign press release:

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Event: Paul Ryan Fort Collins Victory Town Hall

Location: Walker Manufacturing

5925 E. Harmony Road

Fort Collins, Colorado

Doors Open: 9:30 AM MDT

Invite Time: 11:30 AM MDT

Program Time: 12:00 PM MDT


Event: Paul Ryan Colorado Springs Victory Rally

Location: America the Beautiful Park

126 Cimino Drive

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Doors Open: 4:00 PM MDT

Invite Time: 6:00 PM MDT

Program Time: 6:25 PM MDT


DEAD LAST: Colorado Has Worst Recovery in Unemployment in Nation

A chart of the improvement in unemployment, sent to us by faithful Peak reader and contributor Dave Diepenbrock, showed that Colorado has had the greatest increase in unemployment since August 2009 of any state in the country. Not only have our unemployment numbers not improved, they’ve actually gotten worse.  See the chart below.

Perhaps Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper knew about the improvement (or lack thereof) in unemployment in Colorado last week when he noted: “It’s always good to get positive news with the state revenue forecast,” Hickenlooper, a Democrat, said in a statement. “But we know many households are still struggling and different sectors of the economy are still fragile.”

While the rest of the country continues to suffer from high unemployment, some areas have seen tepid improvement.  Colorado is simply not one of them.  Of course, with the national unemployment average remaining at a stubbornly high 8.1%, the recovery that President Obama promised to Americans seems out of reach.

As a reminder, he promised that if he was to enact the massive spending programs that added exponentially to our national debt, he would be able to return unemployment to 5.6%.  Then again, he also claimed he would slash deficits by 50% and we’ve seen how that’s worked out for us.  Obama claimed that if he was unable to accomplish this within his first term, he would be a one-term president.  For the sake of Colorado’s families, let’s hope so.


WHO’S AFRAID OF JOE COORS JR? Democrats In Colorado Fear The Freight Train Of The Coors Campaign

Ever since the specter of a Joe Coors campaign for Congress first came to light, Democrats have done their level best to insist that Coors stands no shot at winning. Telling a much different tale about the threat Coors poses to incumbent Democratic Congressman Edwin Perlmutter is the $1 million dollars two liberal outside groups have spent in recent weeks attacking Joe Coors on television.

Put simply, Democrats are frightened of the electoral freight train that is the Coors campaign.

Joe Coors can spend big, has sky-high name ID and appears to be generally liked by all reporters who meet him. That, and he’s challenging Perlmutter in a district that’s nearly half brand new to both candidates.

A year ago, virtually no one would have said that Perlmutter was at risk of a serious challenge in 2012, seeing that he walloped Ryan Frazier by 11 points in the Republican wave year of 2010.

How quickly the tides have turned.

After Nancy Pelosi’s House Majority PAC dropped $500,000 attacking Coors, the Democrat mouthpiece blog Colorado Pols laughably tried to convince their readers that the race would be over now, suggesting the terribly-produced spot by House Majority PAC would be a “Coup de Grace.”

“…what we hear from Democrats is they want this race relegated to sideshow status as quickly as possible so they can focus on pickups elsewhere in Colorado…”

Turns out relegating the CD7 race between Coors and Perlmutter to sideshow status didn’t happen, forcing public sector union AFSCME and the SEIU to drop another $500,000 attacking Coors.

Colorado Pols’ truly pathetic spin got even worse this weekend, claiming “Joe Coors’ candidacy won’t survive” a story by Lynn Bartels in the Sunday Denver Post.

Wishing doesn’t make it so, Pols.




Obama won the summer TV wars through big spending (surprised?). His ads during the two weeks of national conventions gave him a temporary boost in the polls. Mainstream Media says it was the public’s reaction to the conventions and claims Americans aren’t buying Romney and like the Clinton/Obama team.

A closer look shows that MSM claims are doubtful (surprised?). This fall, given Obama’s diminished cash resources, Romney should command the airwaves. Is anything going for Obama to protect him from this onslaught?

Here are some of the claims. Read on to uncover their shaky basis.



CONFRONTING THE MOB: Hickenlooper Stares Down Rabid Anti-Fracking Protesters In Longmont

If you haven’t seen the video from Governor John Hickenlooper in Longmont, check it out. The clip should be called “Greens Gone Wild”, because the mob of fracking activists literally boil over on their own Democratic Governor.

The video is interesting for reasons beyond the mere irony of liberal, progressive wackos attempting to intimidate a governor they helped elect. (Check out the lady pounding her sign on the governor’s vehicle as he departs).

The scene is noteworthy because other Democrats in Colorado are going to face this manufactured mob in the coming days, months and weeks as well. And Democrats will be forced to make a choice…do they stand on the side of jobs, domestic energy and one of the nation’s most popular governors, or do they side with the mob of angry, anti-drilling radicals like the crowd in Longmont?


BIAS BY OMISSION: MSM Quick To Tout Pro-Obama Surveys, Ignoring Positive Romney Polling

If you are looking for evidence of media bias, look no further than how the local media selectively covers the churn of presidential polls that have been coming out.

Here is the cheat sheet…polls that are good for Obama draw in-depth analysis and review; polls that speak well to Romney’s chances get ignored.

As case in point, consider John Ingold’s story online this morning where he herald’s the notoriously biased PPP poll, a poll showing that Obama is surging with Independents.

As Mitt Romney was giving a speech in Jefferson County on Sunday night to open what will likely be the defining 11 days of his campaign, a new poll came out that is potentially worrisome for the Republican presidential nominee.

It’s not the headline-grabbing 6-point lead for President Barack Obama that the Public Policy Polling survey of likely Colorado voters found. It’s how the survey got to that number.

Wanna report PPP? OK, fine. But then maybe the Post should also report the findings of Rasmussen too. Why wouldn’t they? Well maybe it is because Rasmussen’s most recent survey showed Romney leading.

From The Hill last week:



CANADA, EH? NRCC Launches Ad Hitting Joe Miklosi For Support Of Single-Payer Healthcare

The worst Congressional candidate in Colorado is about get hit for the first time on the airwaves. The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) just launched it’s first attack ad smacking Denver State Rep. and CD6 challenger Joe Miklosi for his support of a “government run, Canadian-style” healthcare system in Colorado.

The ad launched as part of a nationwide, $6.3 million ad blitz hitting 26 different Congressional races. In a sign of how far fellow Democrat Congressional candidate Sal Pace’s fortunes have fallen, the NRCC decided he’s doing so poorly they didn’t need to bother wasting money hitting him.

The Miklosi hit also comes before the Denver Democrat has even introduced himself to a district where he remains a virtual unknown commodity.

The attack over healthcare is not just based on Miklosi’s support of Obamacare, but a vote he took in 2009 in the Colorado State House.

Here is how a Rocky Mountain News article described House Bill 1273, which Miklosi co-sponsored, at the time:

A plan to lay the groundwork for a Canadian-style, single-payer universal health care system in Colorado has been introduced by a group of Democrats.

House Bill 1273, sponsored by Rep. John Kefalas, of Fort Collins, and co-sponsored by 18 legislators, would create a privately funded commission to study how a government-funded health care system could work. The goal is to send a single-payer bill to the General Assembly in 2011, he said.

Miklosi is getting hit as, at least according to voter registration numbers, CD6 should be competitive. Miklosi’s pathetic and embarrassing campaign has done their best to ensure it’s an easy re-elect for incumbent Republican Congressman Mike Coffman, but the basic contours of the district will ensure it’ll remain a targeted race.

No word yet on whether Miklosi plans on responding with another awful, awkward infomercial-like spot.

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