HIDING TAX HIKES? Denver Post Reports 17 Tax & Debt Increase Ballot Measures This Year…Reality: 50

The Denver Post had a story yesterday claiming a drop off in communities across Colorado asking for tax increases, stating there were only “17 financial measures on ballots” this year, compared to 29 in 2008, based on a review by the Colorado Municipal League.

Despite it being a presidential election year, far fewer cities are asking for tax increases this November than asked four years ago, and those that are, are asking for the bare minimum.

A review by the Colorado Municipal League found 29 financial measures on ballots statewide in 2008, compared with 17 this year.

According to the free-market Independence Institute, there are in fact 50 tax and debt hiking measures on ballots in Colorado, not 17.

The difference between what the Post reported and what the Independence Institute found relates to framing: the Post was referring only to cities, while the Independence Institute’s count includes special districts and school districts. But when it comes to hiking your taxes, do you really care about what authority is sticking their grubby fingers in your pocket?

A tax and debt increase by any other authority would smell as awful, right?

We won’t hold our breath for a Post correction. They’re not big fans of the fine folks at the Independence Institute these days. After all, i2i has posted a billboard across the street from the Post‘s building, shaming them for their lack of coverage on Abound Solar’s collapse.



In the days of Jim Crow, racism was obvious. The law, in Southern states, was that whites and blacks had to be separated totally. Even the US military was segregated. In barely more than a decade, 1954 to 1965, those Jim Crow laws were overruled. Thank goodness.

Discrimination today disguises its intent. But the aim remains the same as more than 100 years ago. Separation of Americans by race, ethnicity and color. Such separation may work in all directions.

Courts and lawyers have suggested that statistical tests be used to rip away the concealment of racist intent. Let’s follow that recommendation and see what appears in Colorado.

Begin by looking at registration drives. Here the Democrats outperformed the Republicans, adding 132,000 Democrats to the Republicans’ 75,000 from September 1 to the close of registration a few days ago. (Notwithstanding, Republicans held the final overall advantage in voters by 41,000 … despite the Democrats’ efforts Republicans retained their ongoing registration advantage.)

It’s where Democratic registration drives occurred that tells an unsavory tale.



AMENDMENT 65: Using Big Money to Get Rid of Big Money?

It’s widely acknowledged that Democrats are the champions of the big money game that they invented right here in Colorado.  That’s why it’s so odd that Amendment 65, promoted by a committee called Coloradans Get Big Money Out of Politics,  is backed by none other than the lair of liberal lies, Common Cause.  In fact, Washington Post‘s “Right Turn” blog called Common Cause a “hyper-partisan outfit funded by the same leftwing players that back [Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington].”

According to the Secretary of State’s TRACER, Common Cause has donated nearly $100,000 to the Coloradans Get Big Money Out of Politics issue committee via direct donations and staff time. This proposed amendment seems hypocritical because Common Cause doesn’t disclose its donors either, according to the Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin:

“It’s hard to figure out Common Cause’s finances since it doesn’t reveal all its donors. In fact, under an Orwellian-named “Donor Transparency Policy” it makes clear that it keeps some donors anonymous. Still, you can glean some information. The Web site Capital Research Center lists OSI and other left-wing funders (OSI, the Joyce Foundation, Arca Foundation) among those who’ve given hefty gifts over multiple years.”

Further evidence that this committee is simply a front group for Common Cause can be found in its TRACER information, which shows that the registered agents are Common Cause employees.



NBC NEWS: As Ohio Drifts From His Grasp, Colorado Orbits In Importance To Obama

NBC News’ Chuck Todd is out with an interesting bit of electoral college scenario-making this morning.

The quick read:

  • Ohio is the President’s firewall. If he can win there, the path to victory for Romney gets super tricky.
  • Unfortunately for Obama, and fortunately for America’s future, Romney is surging in Ohio. An Obama win there is anything but a certainty.
  • If Romney can jerk Ohio out of the Obama column, the President’s second-tier firewall becomes the states of Iowa, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, and Colorado. Win them all, and Obama gets 272 electoral votes.
  • Of the 4 states in his second-tier firewall, Colorado is the most problematic for Obama. He is trailing by most accounts here.

Thus, if the trends hold and Obama loses Ohio, the election will more than likely come down to Colorado.

Now the long read from Chuck Todd’s morning update to your electronic ears:



“RAUCOUS RALLY”: Romney/Ryan Bring The House Down At Red Rocks

If (and when) Mitt Romney wins Colorado, pundits and prognosticators will likely point to the Red Rocks rally last night as the moment Mitt Romney sealed the deal in this state. The Republican ticket brought the house down before an adoring crowd of 10,000 with thousands more turned away at the door.

Reports The Colorado Observer‘s Tyler Sandberg:

MORRISON, CO — Seeking a powerful moment to propel their campaign across the finish line, Mitt Romney and running mate Paul Ryan may have found it at a raucous rally out at Red Rocks Tuesday night.

By far Romney’s biggest crowd in Colorado to date, the more than 10,000 in attendance stomped their feet, banged thunder sticks emblazoned with the campaign’s logo and broke into impromptu chants of “Romney, Ryan.”

The optics of the event couldn’t have been better for the Republican ticket, with rally goers donning white, yellow and red t-shirts forming the “C” from the Colorado state flag, and the Romney “R” logo projected onto the twin cliffs on opposite sides of the amphitheater. 

The energy only two weeks from Election Day was palpable inside Red Rocks, with Colorado Republicans tasting the chance for victory in a state that went for President Obama by nine points in 2008. It was referred to often as the political event of the season, drawing a packed house that forced organizers to turn thousands away.

Not only could Republicans taste victory last night, but they seemed to already be savoring a tremendous turnaround from a jarring loss to Obama four years ago.



NEW DEAL VS. FAILED STIMULUS: Red Rocks Cost $54,000 And Is Open 73 Years Later; Solyndra Cost $500M And Was Boarded Up In Months

Liberal blogs were out over the weekend trying to stoke stories of Mitt Romney’s campaign appearance at Red Rocks, a Colorado landmark built as part of the New Deal in 1941.

That’s right, folks–Red Rocks Amphitheatre was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Red Rocks was a “New Deal” employment project of theWorks Progress Administration (WPA).

Think about it: hundreds of men put to work by the government for five years to build…a concert hall? So Dodge Trucks–another recipient of taxpayer bailout dollars (!)–could sponsor the Red Rocks Summer Concert Seriesall these years later? Seriously, folks, is there a self-respecting modern-day Republican out there who would not have instinctively called the idea of using taxpayer dollars to build Red Rocks Amphitheatre a “boondoggle?”

The Denver Post being The Denver Post, they jumped on the theme this morning, drawing parallels between FDR’s jobs initiative way back when and President Obama’s failed stimulus in 2009. The implication in the Post story is more subtle than that of the liberal blogs, but it is still there…Romney is a hypocrite for campaigning at this New Deal icon.



EXCLUSIVE: Senior Romney Official Predicts Colorado Win

With Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan rolling into town for a huge rally this evening, a high ranking Romney official is telling Colorado Peak Politics “we will win Colorado.”

Heretofore, Romney officials have been cautious about predicting outright victory in the state, happy to see polls moving in their direction, but avoiding any kind of clear declarations.

With early ballot returns trending Republican and an endless array of public polling showing the state swinging in Romney’s direction, folks on Team Romney are beginning to see Colorado as a strong pickup opportunity.

There is no clearer sign of Team Romney’s confidence than tonight’s joint rally with Romney and Paul Ryan at Red Rocks. It’s a rare event with both Romney and Ryan, but what makes it all the more important is the high expectations surrounding the rally.



7 DEBATE HIGHLIGHTS: Attacking Me Is Not an Agenda

The final Presidential debate last night offered insight into the contrasting foreign policy visions – and political strengths and weaknesses - of President Obama and Governor Romney.

Best line of the night:

When debate moderator Bob Schieffer asked each candidate to outline his foreign policy agenda, Romney offered a four-point plan and Obama offered half-hearted attempts at zingers.  Romney responded with, “Attacking me is not an agenda.”


OCTOBER 23: R – 70,826 D – 61,761 U – 37,687

According to a Colorado Peak Politics source, ballot returns as of this AM have Republicans leading. This includes mail-in ballots returned since they were mailed out on Monday, October 15, but not early voting numbers, which began yesterday.

According to the most recent Denver Post poll of Colorado, Governor Romney is leading among Unaffiliated/Independent voters 43-39.

Ballot returns as of the morning of October 23:

Democrats – 61,761

Republicans – 70,826

Unaffiliated – 37,687

Advantage, Romney.


CHEATERS: Dems Bribe Would-Be Voters with Pizza

10/24 UPDATE: Per The Colorado Observer’s Valerie Richardson:

DENVER–A Larimer County official busted up the polling-place pizza party Tuesday after a complaint filed by the Colorado Republican Party.

Democrats moved their Obama “2012″ banner and other signage after Larimer County Clerk Scott Doyle told them that they were too close to the Colorado State University early-voting site.

State law bans political or campaign signs within 100 feet of polling places.

Doyle also informed them that they needed to stop offering free T-shirts and pizza to voters, another violation of Colorado law.

Democrats love to proclaim that there is no such thing as voter fraud and that monkey business at the polls never happens. In fact, CNN reported just yesterday that Clear Channel removed billboards highlighting penalties for voter fraud because advocacy groups claimed the billboards were an attempt to suppress the minority vote in Ohio and Wisconsin.

So, how awkward for Democrats, then, when claims of Democrats skirting polling center rules actually surface, and in swing state Colorado no less.  From a Colorado Republican Party press release:


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