OBAMANOMICS: GDP Growth’s Woeful Tale

Voters have been bombarded with economic statistics showing the economy is growing, the economy is sinking, companies are hiring, companies aren’t hiring, but perhaps the simplest measure of economic growth is the Gross Domestic Product, which is the market value of all officially-recognized final goods and servies produced within a country in a given period.  Further GDP per capita is condered an indicator of a country’s standard of living.

Each quarter, the Federal Reserve revises its prediction for the year’s GDP.  If the economy were improving, one would expect that the Fed would revise the GDP higher, right?

Economist David Rosenberg presented at an investment conference in New York on October 10, 2012.  He used the following chart to show that the Fed has consistently downgraded predictions of U.S. economic growth over the past two years.  Remember, this chart shows predictions, not actual growth, which will not be announced until next year.  For example, the November 2010 prediction for 2012′s growth is 4.1%, which would be helpful, but growth predictions for 2012 have been revised this month to 1.85%.

According to a July 2012 article in BusinessWeek:

“Annual economic growth of 2.5 percent to 3 percent is needed to create enough jobs just to keep up with an expanding workforce. Healthier growth of 4 percent or more is needed to reduce the unemployment rate significantly.”

From the charts above, the economy is not predicted to keep pace with population growth in 2012 and is predicted to just barely keep up in 2013 with a projected GDP growth of 2.75%.  Of course, this could all be revised as November 2011′s predicted GDP growth was 2.7% and now, it’s predicted to be just 1.85%.  In Colorado, the story is much the same as GDP growth has stalled out at 2.2%, which is not even enough to keep up with population growth.

But, this is all just a part of the “recovery”, right?  This is usually how it goes, right?



CURRY FAVOR: Hamner’s Campaign Event Bland

Colorado State House District 61 Democratic candidate Millie Hamner held court to a less-than-packed house at a campaign stop yesterday.  The Colorado Democratic Party, in full reality denial, tweeted “Millie Hamner fires up supporters on a breezy Saturday afternoon”.  First, can we just pause a moment to consider that Hamner is using a microphone to speak to seven people?  Seven.  Good grief, what does she do for Thanksgiving Dinner with the family?  Hire a sky writer for conversations?  Second, everyone in that crowd looks completely fired up.  Particularly the girl playing Angry Birds on her iPhone (we can only assume) in the mauve jacket.

The reality for Hamner (and for the Democratic Party – Inzeo, we’re talking to you) is that this race is a tough race for Hamner.  She’s facing not only Republican candidate Debra Irvine, but also former Democratic-now-Independent candidate Kathleen Curry.  Further, the numbers don’t strongly favor Hamner, according to the Denver Post:

“The district is a highly competitive one, with 31.8 percent of its voters registered as Democrats, 29.1 percent registered as Republicans and 38. 2 percent registered as unaffiliated. In voter performance, though, the district has leaned slightly Democratic.”

That said, Curry told the Denver Post she thought she would steal more votes from the Republican candidate than the Democratic candidate. When Curry announced she made the ballot earlier this year, she revealed her campaign strategy: “This one’s going to be close, I think…. The voters out here – you have to earn their votes. It takes one-on-one conversations to do that.”

It’s awfully tough to have conversations with voters when they don’t attend your events.  With such a lovely day sunny day yesterday, where were all of Hamner’s supporters?  Perhaps Curry draws more of Hamner’s supporters than she thinks.


They’re suppressing puppies and unicorns too!

Voter suppression! Purging voter rolls! Restrictive Jim Crow laws! It seems every election the Left deploys the same old tactics right up to the point they win.

Days after Secretary of State Scott Gessler announced huge voter registration numbers, self-proclaimed civil rights activists released this video denouncing  ”voter purges and other dirty tricks aimed at keeping Latino voters in Colorado from participating in elections.” Not that they have any evidence.

Clearly, these scare tactics and emotional pleas are manufactured to generate greater interest among these specific communities. Take a look at the good work performed by Revealing Politics who exposes the fact that these people have no idea what they are talking about!



DENVER POST POLL: Romney Takes Lead In Colorado, Up 2 Points From Last Poll

As we scooped yesterday, The Denver Post poll out today shows Governor Mitt Romney with the advantage in Colorado, gaining two points on President Obama since the last Post poll in mid-September.

Reports Allison Sherry:

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney pulled one percentage point ahead of President Barack Obama among Colorado voters in a new Denver Post poll released Friday, though the two are still effectively tied.

Romney now leads Obama 48 to 47, with a four-point margin of error in the poll that surveyed 614 likely voters by cell phone and home numbers Tuesday and Wednesday. The poll was conducted by SurveyUSA for The Post.

As we’ve been saying all along, the race in Colorado is going to come down to the wire, but this poll demonstrates that the momentum is moving in the right direction for Mitt Romney at just the right time. With ballots going out on Monday, we couldn’t think of a better time for Team Romney to see positive movement in the polls.

What’s helped move numbers is the 17% of people who said the presidential debate at DU has helped them make up their mind:

…83 percent of those Colorado voters polled say the debate did not change their mind, according to the Post’s poll.

Of the small group of voters who changed their mind after the first debate, however, twice as many switched to Romney as switched to Obama.

While Sherry tries to downplay the effect of the debate, citing the 83% of people it didn’t move, a single event that changed 17% of voters’ minds is no small matter, nor small group.

Despite the barrage of “Romney loves rapists” ads that have pounded Colorado TV screens for the last couple of months, when voters got to see Romney and Obama side-by-side it moved numbers. And not in a way that is at all beneficial to Team Hopenchange.


Has Joe Coors Guaranteed The Re-Election Of Mike Coffman & Scott Tipton?

If Joe Coors manages to pull off the upset of the season and defeat Congressman Edwin Perlmutter, Coors will more than likely be the only man in Congress responsible for the election of three different Republican Members of Congress…himself, Mike Coffman and Scott Tipton.

A Coors victory is anything but assured at this point, though it is still in the realm of the very possible. With Mitt Romney pulling ahead and Ed Perlmutter constantly on the defense, a Coors win looks like a 50-50 proposition to us.

The outcome hasn’t yet been determined for Perlmutter and Coors, but what is sure is that Mr. “I Am Not A Beer” has run such a fantastic race that it has forced Democratic donors and Democratic Independent Expenders to focus unexpectedly large sums of money defending a wobbly Perlmutter.

Just ask Sal Pace and Joe Miklosi. They will tell you. Every dollar spent by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and Nancy Pelosi’s House Majority PAC attacking Joe Coors is a dollar that isn’t spent attacking Mike Coffman and Scott Tipton.



THE PEAK HITS THE RADIO: Check Out Our New Ad Running On The Mike Rosen Show

In an effort to expand the Peak Nation™ we have taken to the airwaves. Starting yesterday, your anonymous admins of Colorado Peak Politics are running an ad on 850 KOA’s The Mike Rosen Show.

Check out the 30-second spot here:

Here’s the transcript:

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STYLE DISASTER: Biden Blows Debate with Odd Behavior

There’s nothing funny about squashing the American Dream, Mr. Vice President

UPDATE: Revealing Politics has a brilliant video out on Biden’s inappropriate laugh. Check it out after the jump.

Yesterday, we wondered which Biden would show up to the VP debate tonight – master debater or drunk uncle?  Last night, Americans witnessed Biden the Bully in arguably the most disrepectful debate performance we’ve ever witnessed.  According to Fox News anchor Chris Wallace:   “I don’t believe I have ever seen a debate in which one participant was as openly disrespectful of the other as Biden was to Paul Ryan.”And, Wallace was not the only one who thought so.  continue…


TALE OF TWO BIDENS: Which Biden Will Debate Ryan Tonight?

Conservatives have been salivating over the prospect of vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, the so-called intellectual wing of the Republican Party, debating Joe Biden, the drunk uncle of politics.  And, it happens tonight.  Following Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s stellar performance against President Obama, Republicans are feeling mighty confident about the debate tonight.  Perhaps they’ve forgotten that Biden was a master debater in 2008.  According to Politico:

“Biden is flat-out the best debater in the 2012 campaign this side of Mitt Romney — more comfortable and limber at the lectern than his own boss, according to Democrats who get paid to prep candidates. And four years ago, he delivered what was arguably the most effective, and restrained, performance of his four-decade career against Sarah Palin in the 2008 vice presidential debate. … “

Despite the self-congratulatory predictions of those who are paid to prepare Biden for debate (we’re guessing former Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry is no longer helping), his performance is a distant memory when compared to his propensity to put his foot in his mouth on the campaign trail.  We’ve frequently documented his numerous gaffes (mostly because we find them entertaining).  As the Seattle Post Intelligencer eloquently noted:

“If political gaffe-making were an art, Vice President Joe Biden would be Pablo Picasso, a prolific artist going from one campaign stop to the next creating vibrant and colorful abstractions of all shapes and styles.”

Either way, this debate is predicted to be far more combative than Obama’s “Rocky Mountain High” performance from last week.  It all begins at 7:00 p.m. MT tonight.  In case you’re with friends, here’s a fun drinking game for your consideration.


SOURCE: Denver Post Poll To Be Released Tomorrow Shows Romney Advantage In Colorado

According to a Colorado Peak Politics source, tomorrow The Denver Post will release their second poll of the cycle and it will show Romney with the advantage in Colorado.

The last Post poll had a statistically tied race with Obama up 47-46 in Colorado, but with strong signs for Romney in the crosstabs, showing him closing the gender gap and performing stronger-than-expected with the Hispanic and youth vote.

Some liberals have speculated as to our inside source, all wrongly. Let us clear up who it wasn’t: It wasn’t Chuck Plunkett. It wasn’t Allison Sherry nor Curtis Hubbard — though we hear they’re big fans of ours.


TAXMAN COMETH: Why Does Everyone But Linda Newell Have to Pay Taxes?

Everyone knows how much Democrats love to raise taxes to pay for their pet projects, and Linda Newell is no exception.  But, what voters might not know is that she hikes everyone else’s taxes, but doesn’t bother to pay her own.  It seems a little unfair, doesn’t it?

A loyal Peak reader sent us this mailer he received highlighting Linda Newell’s failure to pay $30,000 in taxes.  In fact, she was so late in paying her taxes that the Internal Revenue Service issued a lien against her for $29,235, as did the State of California’s Department of Revenue in the amount of $1,140.  The actual tax lien shows that the Newells didn’t pay income taxes from 1987 through 1994.

Here is a copy of the tax lien:


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