To say that 2017 was a crazy year for news would be an understatement. Between the faux scandals Democrats cooked up to try to discredit President Trump to the actual scandals of the Democratic Party, the 2017 news cycle was unpredictable and frenetic. We doubt it will calm down with a jam-packed gubernatorial primary on both sides of the aisle. While these articles were our most shared, commented, and liked, it should be noted that perhaps the biggest story of the year was the sexual harassment bombshell dropped against legislators in the state House and Senate – and, most specifically, Steve Lebsock. That’s not reflected here, but we suspect this story will continue to dominate headlines into the New Year, compromising both Lebsock and accuser Faith Winter’s political campaigns this year.

Without further ado, we unveil our ten most popular stories of 2017.

10) NOT SO FAST: Governor Hickenlooper Doesn’t Have Special Session Support He Claims – Gov. Hickenlooper dragged his feet for months calling a special session to fix a legislative snafu. He claimed everyone supported his move. He was wrong.

9) HOLY HYPOCRISY: The Left’s Sunning Lack of Self Awareness About Betsy DeVos – Senator Michael Bennet took to the Senate floor to complain about DeVos’ alleged education experience, yet he took over the Denver Public Schools with zero experience. Then, there’s the matter of the teachers’ union providing cover for Bennet during his first U.S. Senate race. So much pot meets kettle.

8) INSANE SEX OFFENDER: Democrat Candidate for Aurora City Council is Felony Sex Offender – Does this even need a description? Seriously, Democrats, WTF.

7) SCANDAL: Degette Pakistani Stagger Flees; Arrested by Feds – In the least covered, perhaps most bizarre story of 2017, Imran Awan worked for Diane Degette from 2009 – 2016 with access to sensitive intelligence data. This scandal continues to unfold, but it never seems to get better for Degette and her Democratic colleagues. This development in the scandal also proved popular.

6) DEMS FUELED BY SEX TRAFFICKING? Execs Donated $88,200 to Colorado Dems – Arizona executives of, which was implicated in human/sex trafficking, are max out donors Colorado Senate Democrats Majority Fund. Ooops.

5) PARENTS GONE WILD: DougCo Pro-Union Campaign Leadership Harassment Documented by Police – The pro-union candidates in Douglas County had a crack campaign management team (sarcasm). In fact, they were so committed that they harassed a principal to the point she asked for a restraining order to stop the madness. Don’t forget that this was the teachers union crown jewel, so, you know, anything goes.

4) WHAT? University of Colorado Creates Black-Only Dorm – Dialing back generations of war, legislation, court cases, and public policy to advance civil rights, the University of Colorado in Boulder re-created its own shameful version of “separate but equal” with a liberal spin.

3) AMAZON PRIME (CONTRACTS): Hick Prepares Amazon Tax Credits While He Is Advised by Amazon Lobbyists – Just how much conflict of interest is there regarding Amazon’s contracts and the Governor’s office?

2) OUT OF TOKENS: Judge Side Swipes Hick When Financially Cutting Off Chuck E Cheese Killer – Judge rakes Gov. Hickenlooper over the coals for his wimpy political maneuvering in granting the Chuck E. Cheese killer a temporary reprieve.

1) PICKING WINNERS AND LOSERS: Hickenlooper Chooses Junk Science Over Western Slope Jobs, Affordable Energy – Governor Hickenlooper promised a mini-version of the Paris Agreement, which would have killed jobs in the energy sector throughout Colorado.