District 9 Denver Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca is facing two challengers in the April 4 election and already trailing in fundraising to one opponent determined to win back the seat from the Democratic Socialists of America Party.

Axios Denver reports Darrell Watson has taken the fundraising lead with more than $216,000.

CdeBaca comes in a distant second with just over $102,000 and Kwon Atlas has pulled in nearly $37,000.

Watson sits on the board of the Denver Housing Stability Strategic Advisors and is campaigning on CdeBaca’s voting record on affordable housing.

“Councilmember CdeBaca has voted against more affordable housing in District 9 than she has for,” he said. “District 9 residents deserve a councilmember who will fight for affordable housing, not against.”

Atlas is a former aide to U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet and worked in the mayor’s office. He would be the youngest person to ever serve on council at age 28.

Creating racial equity in the city is one of Atlas’ main campaign points.

CdeBaca’s opponents say residents are weary of the constant council infighting, while her term has been marked by a string of missteps and self-absorbed grandstanding, much like her socialist Democrat partner on the Denver School Board, Auon’tai “Tay” Anderson.

Some of her political career highlights include:

* PeakNation™ will recall it was Anderson who later pulled a slip and fall publicity stunt, then blamed police for pushing him down during a homeless camp cleanup. He checked himself into a hospital emergency room to take a selfie and raise money.

  • Fighting harder to keep the homeless living on the streets than pursuing affordable housing.
  • Proposed abolishing the Denver Police Department and creating an anti-racist “peace force” to use a holistic and health-centered approach to crime fighting.
  • Tipped off homeless advocates to upcoming camp cleanups so they could confront city workers and protest.

And who forget when she thought this was funny:

She never did apologize for thinking it hilarious to spread COVID among people whom you disagree with politically, and possible kill them.

CdeBaca carries so much baggage, there’s no shortage of criticism her opponents could level at her.

Assuming, that is, they don’t agree with her tactics.