To say 2018 was an eventful year is an understatement. Rather than us highlighting which stories we thought were the top ten stories of the year, we looked at the stories with greatest reach and shares. While we would have identified the election-day rout, the debate over Governor-elect Polis’ youthful indiscretions in assaulting his secretary, and the expulsion of former Democratic Colorado State Rep. Steve Lebsock as top stories this year, you did not.

Nonetheless, the stories you shared and cared about demonstrated a growing concern over the direction of our state and that’s not to be diminished. Without further ado, below are the top ten stories from 2018 as selected by you, PeakNation™.

  1. HEROIN HOUSES: The New Tourist Destination for Denver

It’s no surprise that the legalization of so-called safe-injection sites has folks up in arms. Denver would be the first city in America and we saw what happened when we were among the first cities to legalize marijuana – a flood of marijuana (and other drug) users rushed into Colorado, exacerbating the homeless problem and straining resources throughout the state. Not only is this idea absurd, but it’s been debunked by science. It doesn’t actually help addicts. By why let San Francisco be the most liberal city in the country when Denver has its eye on the prize?

  1. LET THEM RIDE BUSES: Rep. Winter Suggests We Peons Should Take Public Transportation

One of the biggest campaign blunders this year was from Democratic Sen-elect Faith Winter, who despite not taking public transportation herself, suggested that everyone else take public transportation. No matter that public transportation is expensive, time-consuming, and not practical for families. That was her big idea on solving Colorado’s transportation crisis. With ideas like these, who needs elected officials?

  1. SIR, HE’S LITERALLY STANDING NEXT TO YOU: Bernie Calls Out Polis at Own Rally

When U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders came to Colorado to stump for Polis, one of the most honest things in politics ever happened and it was delicious. Sanders, while at a rally for Polis, who literally has bought every election in which he’s run, bemoaned our political system that allows the uber-wealthy (um, like Polis) to buy elections.

Was it revenge for Polis’ Clinton superdelegate vote or an unintentional faux pas? Either way, it made us love Sanders just a little (even if we vehemently disagree with his policies).

  1. CONFESSION TIME: Polis Finally Admits He’ll Raise Our Taxes

As part of Polis’ platform, he extolled the virtues of all of his radical spending programs, but it was hard to pin down exactly how he was going to pay for it all. Finally, he admitted that he had plans to tax, basically, everything. We get why you liked it. It was confirmation of what we all knew all along.

  1. BACKFIRE: Bank Tells Customers It Won’t Do Business with Gas, Oil, Coal

There is this bank named Bank of the West that apparently thinks it’s the Bank of California and has forgotten that many of its customers’ livelihoods depend on natural gas, oil, and coal and announced that it would no longer do business with these industries. How offensive to those who work hard in these industries. Last we heard, the bank’s customers – and employees – were running for the hills. But we’d expect nothing less than nonsense from a bank with a French parent company.

  1. WORSE THAN CALIFORNIA? The Boulderization of Colorado is Upon Us

It should come as no surprise, but Colorado took a sharp left turn this election and the results are seen in all the Boulder ties in the administration and House and Senate leadership. While we hate to see Colorado go to the hippies, we are delighted in the over-reach we see headed our way. Because, just a friendly reminder, Boulder does not reflect the state at large.

  1. WORST IDEA EVER: Denver Council Votes on Backdoor Legalization of Heroin

Again, another top 10 post on the legalization of alleged “safe-injection” sites for heroin users. We assume there are two in the top ten because you’re that freaked out about it. We don’t blame you. It really is the worst idea ever.

  1. COLOSSAL BLUNDER: Polis Didn’t Know National Guard Serves in War Against Terror

When asked if he would send troops to protect the Southern border just a couple of days before the election, it became abundantly clear that Polis had no idea how the national guard works. Apparently, he had no idea that the National Guard troops he commands in the state can also be deployed by the President overseas to defend the United States. This should be a blunderful four years.

  1. OUT FOR BLOOD: Democrats Planning Scorched Earth Session

Apparently, the election itself wasn’t that important to Coloradans…until they saw the agenda that Democrats were promising. Some wake-up call, eh PeakNation™?

  1. ASTOUNDING STUPIDITY: Liberals Tell Colorado Not to Let Military Vote

If we’re going to rank the sub-groups that should have a greater right to vote, we’d put the military, who often run into war zones to protect Americans and our interests, pretty high on that list. But not Democrats. No, Democrats don’t think that members of the military should have the right to vote. Probably because members of the military don’t vote overwhelmingly Democratic.

That’s it PeakNation™. Stay safe, stay warm tonight, and let’s all resolve for 2018 to hold Democrats accountable. Deal?